Cook Top Repairs

We repair cooktops, both gas and electric burners. We install cooktops, and offer services such as the cutting and resizing of granite and laminate bench tops. We also install / hard wire high powered induction cook tops and take your old appliances away.

Considerations to be thought about before having your cooktop installed.
These considerations will affect the over cost of your new installation:
1. Gas or electric.
2. Is the cooktop cavity size correct. Will it need to be cut or fillled. This is important to consider because domestic cooktops come in a vast array of different sizes.
3. If cutting is required, is bench top wood laminate or granite.
4. Will you require a gas hose extension, or do you have an existing one in place.

Electric Cooktop:
» No heat from 1 or more of the burners
» No power
» Cook top trips the circuit breaker
» Induction cook top will not power on
» No response from display

Gas Cooktop:
» Igniter is making a clicking sound, but burner will not ignite
» Obstruction in the gas line
» Igniter is clicking continuously
» Knob for the burner will not turn
» Unpleasant odour from appliance, possible gas leak

We service all leading brands of Cook Top, these include:

At All Appliance, we install and repair all domestic home appliances. We are a small team of fully qualified and professional Technicians who specialise in the below mentioned tasks.