Dishwasher Repairs

We repair domestic home brand dishwashers and install dishwashers. Our services include all related under bench plumbing required for a dishwasher installation.We cut under bench cabinetry to make space for a dishwasher if required, and may also install an under bench powerpoint. We take your old appliance away. We also service some commercial style brands of dishwashers.

Considerations to be thought about before having your dishwasher installed.
These considerations will affect the over cost of your new installation:
1. Dishwasher type : Freestanding, dish drawer or slimline.
2. Swap over or new installation.
3. Do you have space for a Dishwasher, or will space need to be made.
4. Is there existing under bench plumbing in place.
5. Will you need an under bench power point to be installed.
6. Is Dishwasher a fully integrated model.

Common dishwasher repair issues that we come across on an almost daily basis.
» No power
» Dishwasher will not start
» Dishwasher will not drain
» Leaking dishwashers
» Dirty dishwashers
» Noisy dishwashers
» Dishes will not clean properly
» Unknown error message displays on the screen
» No heat
» Dishwasher will not complete full cycle
» Dishwasher will not start wash cycle
» Circuit breaker trips while attempting to use dishwasher
» No water will enter the machine

We service all leading brands of Dish Washer, these include:

At All Appliance, we install and repair all domestic home appliances. We are a small team of fully qualified and professional Technicians who specialise in the below mentioned tasks.