Fridges/ Freezers

We repair domestic fridges and freezers and connect domestic fridges to water lines. We also take your old appliance away.

Considerations to be thought about before having your new fridge installed These considerations will affect the over cost of your new installation.

We offer a pick up and delivery service for your new appliance if required, Our fridge technician will level your new purchase take the old appiance away and if needed plumb your new fridge to water line for the ice maker.

Common fridge / freezer repair Issues that we come across on an almost daily basis:
» Excessive cooling
» Excessive levels of noise
» Freezer is fine, but fridge is not cold enough
» Problems with the freezer
» Problems with the light inside the fridge
» Both fridge and freezer do not cool
» Water leaks inside the fridge
» Unknown error message shows on the display panel
» Freezer start and stops frequently

We service all leading brands of fridge / freezer, these include:

At All Appliance, we install and repair all domestic home appliances. We are a small team of fully qualified and professional Technicians who specialise in the below mentioned tasks.