Oven/ Free Standing Stove Repairs

We repair domestic ovens and freestanding stoves. We are fan forced specialists who work on both analogue and the latest digital display ovens. Our services include the installation of hard wired ovens, ensuring your existing wiring is both adequate and safe. We may cut and / or fill your ovens cavity space to ensure a perfect fit for your new oven. We also take your old appliance away.

Considerations to be thought about before having your oven installed.
These considerations will affect the over cost of your new installation:
1. Gas or Electric.
2. Will the oven size fit the cavity space.
3. Will my existing wiring be suitable

Common oven repair Issues that we come across on an almost daily basis
» Oven will not start / no power
» Fan running, but no heat
» Main oven works but not grill
» Pyrolytic – self cleaning issue
» Temperature issue / faulty thermostat
» Oven door will not close properly
» Oven glass is broken
» Noisy fan
Top stove elements can not be temperature adjusted, always at maximum
» No heat from top elements
» Oven trips circuit breaker

Gas Oven / Freestanding Gas Stove: Common Stove repair Issues that we come across on an almost daily basis.
» Oven emanates an orange glow, but will not ignite
» Oven will not stay alight

Temperature issue / flame is low or can not be properly adjusted.
» Oven igniter will not spark
» Oven igniter clicks incessantly

We service all leading brands of Oven/Free Standing Stove, these include:

At All Appliance, we install and repair all domestic home appliances. We are a small team of fully qualified and professional Technicians who specialise in the below mentioned tasks.