Rangehood Repairs

We repair and install rangehoods, and offer these services. Basic self circulating, canopy and island rangehood installation.  Our services include the installation of ducting through the ceiling and out to the tiles, or horizontal ducting out through the adjacent wall. We also take your old appliance away.

Considerations to be thought about before having your rangehood / kitchen exhaust installed.
These considerations will affect the over cost of your new installation:
1. Type of rangehood required, self circulating, pull out, canopy or island.
2. Is supporting wall gyprock or brick.
3. Will rangehood be ducted. If so, will ducting be vertical into the ceiling or horizontal out through the wall.
4. Is ducting to the roof tiles required.
5. Is there exisiting ducting in place, or will this need to be purchased separately.
6. Will installation go through the cupboards.

Common rangehood / kitchen exhaust repair Issues that we come across on an almost daily basis.
» Rangehood does not turn on.
» Rangehood is excessively noisy.
» Rangehood does not provide adequate ventilation.
» Rangehood emits burning smell or other unsightly odours.
» Rangehood has come away from the wall.

We service all leading brands of Rangehoods, these include:

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