dishwasher installation mistakes
3 Common Dishwasher Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many homeowners like the thought of doing DIY installations as an attempt to save money. But when it comes down to installing a dishwasher, DIY-ing can lead to many mistakes. You have to follow the instructions to-the-letter and ensure the new appliance functions properly.

And though it may seem very easy at the start, it is more difficult than it seems. More so, if you have very little or no prior experience at all. A poorly-fitted dishwasher can lead to water pooling, a breakout of mould and bacteria and can also lead to flooding.

Truth be told- installing dishwasher is by no means an easy job. And if you plan to do it for the first time, then here are some common installation mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Wrong Selection Of The Dishwasher:-

Some homeowners don’t take time to accurately measure the area that the dishwasher is to be fitted. And due to this, they procure the wrong size dishwasher which they eventually have to return it.

This common mistake leads to more tension, worries, time frame and more number of dishes to wash by hand. Also, measure the drain lines correctly so that the unit functions adequately.

Running the Drain Tube Or Supply Line Incorrectly:-

If you run the drain tube or the supply line inappropriately; you often run the risk of your sink drain back-up. This is often the case when the dishwasher in the drain hose is not correctly connected to an air gap device.

Another instance is when the dishwasher doesn’t have a proper air gap device, and the hose cannot go to the above water level in the sink.

Using The Wrong Type of Screws:-

When you are dealing with a dishwasher; you want to make use of the correct type of screws. Usually, there are two types of screws which help attach the metal tabs to the countertop’s underside.

Each of these screws holds the unit in place together. So pick screws that are not too long. If you find the right-sized screw, look to carefully and slowly drive them.

Furthermore, inappropriate dishwasher installation can cause lots of plumbing issues. Some intricate aspects may need you to read and follow the instructions properly.

However, if you don’t have the knowledge, tools and confidence to do it yourself, then “All Appliance Repairs Australia” is prepared to install your dishwasher unit correctly whenever you want.

Offering best-in-class dishwasher installation service Liverpool; we keep our repair and installation rates reasonable and as per the industry standard rates.

We Can Handle All Sorts Of Dishwasher Defects:-

  1. Dishwasher not draining.
  2. Dishes not getting cleaned properly.
  3. Dishwasher making lots of noise.
  4. Dishwasher not starting.
  5. Unit not able to complete its full cycle or starting its full cycle.
  6. Un-known message showing on the display screen.
  7. Circuit-breaker tripping when attempting to use the dishwasher.
  8. Dishwasher not having any power.

Catering to dishwasher installation in Liverpool of all types and models; we have served brands such as LG, Samsung, Siemens, Electrolux, Omega’s etc.

So, if you are presently struggling with your dishwashing unit and want a reliable dishwasher installation service provider near Liverpool, then call us @ 0432 754 596 whenever convenient!

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