5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Washing Machine May Need Professional Repair

Every year, an Australian family does almost 2000 loads of laundry. And this puts on a lot of wear and tear on your home washer.

Fortunately, there are experts who on summoning can take a good hard look at your washing unit.

All Appliance Australia; your one-stop- appliance repair specialists for 3 decades promises to troubleshoot your malfunctioned washing unit- On The Same-Day with Qualified And Licensed Technicians.

If you have a washing machine that’s behaving strangely for some time; our experts during their inspection will try to comprehend its tell-tale signs.

Here’s a look at 5 of them.

“Makes Noise When Washing Your Socks, Underwear And Other Apparels.”


The most common giveaway is when your washing machine makes strange noises when washing socks, inner-wear and other dirty attires. Try rearranging the clothes evenly, and if this doesn’t help, then it could be a case of a faulty motor or a loose drum. This is a tricky repair and requires prior knowledge.

Our local and experienced washing machine repair experts have been in this field for years, and they will know exactly how to fix it and restore its earlier efficiency.

“Water Doesn’t Fill Up The Drum.”


Have you come across an instance when the water remains in your washer’s drum?

If yes, then hiring a professional washing machine repair service in Liverpool may be the only way to treat this issue.

There are numerous reasons for this issue to take place- a clogged filter,a delayed cycle, hot and cold water faucet not being turned on and even a twist in the hose.

It could also be due to some mechanical issue of the unit- which you as a homeowner may not be able to figure. With our experts around to help; you won’t have to think or worry about anything. So, feel free to let us know is something like this happens with your washer.

“Water Stays In The Drum.”


Once the laundry finishes the cycle, the washing unit should not keep any water in the drum. But, if you still find water staying behind in the drum, then it could be to due to a blocked pump or tangled up clothing.

Whatever be the root of the issue, it’s best to have our professional repairers to deal with it.

“Its Drum Doesn’t Turn.”

If you come across an instance when you find your washing machine’s drum is not turning, then it is a sign that something’s up with its lid switch or belt.

And while it may be convenient to replace the faulty belt, changing the lid will require trained specialists.

They have the field experience, knowledge and the replacement parts to ensure all of it is carried out in the best way possible.

“It Becomes Unresponsive/Dead.”

If your washer becomes unresponsive/dead, then it could result due to issues either in its power cord, breaker or even the fuse box. Our licensed washing machine repair experts in Liverpool will examine the washer’s fuse box or for possible trips in its breaker.

Furthermore, if these are not the issue, then our experts will even check the inner workings of the washing machine and try to resolve the problem at-hand promptly and cost-effectively.

We Are Always Here To Help!


Some repairs aren’t worth risking as it could potentially ruin the unit more. So, rather than chancing your luck, contact All Appliance Australiaimmediately!

Our experts are ready 24*7 to help you!

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