how frequently should you clean up your household appliances
How Frequently Should You Clean Up Your Household Appliances?

The spring cleaning season is about to arrive in Australia, and that’s undoubtedly the time for you to organise your home once again and get prepared to welcome summer. And, along with cleaning your carpet, bathroom and kitchen essentials, you should also focus on the appliances you use every day. Don’t you think that those appliances deserve a thorough cleaning too?

But, deep cleaning the appliances one or two times in a year is not enough at all. So, getting the spring cleaning done is never enough. Instead, based on the frequency of usage, you need to determine the schedule of appliance cleaning as well.

Here are our experts of All Appliance Repairs Australia for your help by giving you a brief guideline that will eventually help you to fix your cleaning schedule.

Cleaning the Dishwasher

cleaning the dishwasher
Usually, mould, fungi along with some environmental bugs, often get accumulated on the seal of the dishwasher. All you need is a mild bleach solution. You have to prepare the solution made of 1 part of bleach and 9 parts of water for using it on the seal and wipe off the dirt.

Similarly, you have to clean up the inside cabinet of the dishwasher at the same time. Remove the filter of your dishwasher, put a cup of baking soda inside and leave it overnight so that it can absorb all the odour inside. If you are not getting enough time, don’t miss the cleaning cycle by calling up the appliance maintenance experts.

Cleaning the Washing Machine

cleaning the washing machine
Is your washing machine causing you leakage issues? Is the washing drum not moving in the right way the way it is supposed to spin? Or, your washing machine has started making some creaking noise that you did not expect?

Well, these are the problems when you should not waste a single moment to call up the professionals of washing machine repair in Liverpool for taking care of the situation ASAP. However, cleaning should be done on a bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on how frequently you use the washing machine.

Simply prepare a mixture of bleach and plain water, drop it down inside the machine and run an empty spin. And, finally, clean it up with fresh water. Repeating this process after one month will be enough to keep the appliance clean.

Cleaning the Cooking Oven

cleaning the cooking oven
The cleaning process of the microwave and cooking oven is almost similar. You need to take an oven friendly bowl and fill it with the solution of water and vinegar. Place the container inside the oven, turn the switch on and let the bowl heated up. Wait until the time when the solution starts boiling up.

Once the boiling process ends, take a piece of dry cloth and wipe off the interior of the oven. You will soon find that all the food dirt is gone with the wipe. Take anti-bacterial wipe to clean up the exterior surface of the oven along with the handle.

Don’t delay to get in touch with our experts of oven repair in Liverpool if you find out any problem with the heating unit of the oven. And, even you can ask for professional help for preventive maintenance and unit servicing.

Get in touch with the experts of All Appliance Repairs Australia today to make sure you have taken reasonable care of the household appliances before you have to face an emergency breakdown. Visit for more details on our service.

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