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Reasons Behind Your Oven Temperature Not Being Set Correctly

If your oven is unable to set the temperature properly, then it is a serious issue. Such a problem can happen due to various reasons, and if not repaired on the right time, then it can lead to significant issues. Hence, when you find out that your oven temperature is not right, you must perform a thorough check immediately.

Here are the following reasons that can be the cause of your oven not to set accurate temperature…

1) Issues In Bake Element

The bake element generally turns red hot, when it is heating properly. But, the element will not glow red, when it does not heat properly. You will be able to see damage to the heating element when it burns out. Make sure to check the holes or blisters, to know whether the bake element is burnt out. After determining the issue, make sure to hire professional oven repair in Liverpool to fix the problem.

2) Burn Out In Broil Element 

If the broil element is burned out, then it will not turn red. To determine whether your broil element is to burn out, use a multimeter for examining the element for its continuity. If the broil element has been totally damaged, then it is better to replace it. 

3) Weakening Of The Igniters 

The electrical current is mainly drawn from the gas valve by the igniter. As time passes, the igniter weakens, and it takes more time to open the gas valve. This will lead to a drop of temperature before the igniter relights the burner. This is also one of the reasons for the oven not setting an appropriate temperature. 

4) Oven Control Board 

The oven sensor and the oven control board works collaboratively with the oven sensor for regulating the temperature. The sensor controls the temperature by varying the resistance of electrical current because of the variations in oven temperature. With the rise in oven temperature, the sensor of the oven generates great resistance, in an appropriate way. However, if there are some issues in this control, then it can make your oven to function in an inappropriate temperature. To fix such problems functional of an oven control board, it is suggested for you to hire certified oven repair services near Liverpool

5) Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature inside the oven and the heat cycles during the low oven temperature is monitored with the temperature control thermostat. If the temperature control thermostat is not adjusted appropriately, then the heat cycle will not happen in the proper time. This will result in too high or too low temperature. The thermostat can become difficult to test because of such complexity. 

Thus, these are the main reasons for which leads to inappropriate temperature of your oven. To solve this issue, you must hire professionals for repairing your oven effectively.

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