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An Account On 4 Common Refrigerator Compressor Issues

Most refrigerator compressor problems are challenging to deal with. And the reason being it can be difficult for a homeowner to find out if something is wrong or not. And, by the time you do manage to identify it, the unit stops working completely.

Fortunately, being aware of those common compressor issue symptoms can help you prevent unexpected breakdowns. To educate you further on this matter, here are 4 common symptoms of a fridge compressor failure.

“The Compressor Fan Stops Working”

The compressor fan is one indispensable aspect of your refrigerator system. The unit functions on a processor and requires the fan to cool the system down and prevent problems of overheating. Now, if the unit’s fan stops, the refrigerator unit will begin making funny noises.

Trying to fix it yourself may lead to further complications, but our fridge repair experts serving Prestons can replace the faulty fan and ensure your cool storage unit again performs as per expectation!

“The Refrigerator Is Not Cooling Enough To Meet Your Demands”

Perhaps the most common indication of a faulty fridge compressor is when the unit is not cooling enough. Or, when you find that there are some areas of the fridge that are less cooler than usual.

So, what you should look to do is examine the compressor motor. That will give you a clear hint about the issue at hand. You can also look to test it by unplugging the refrigerator and checking it at the back-end. Most modern-day compressors consist of a capacitor, and handling it on your own will lead to further complications.

So, the smart thing would be to contact our reliable and experienced fridge repair technicians to check it out on your behalf. They have the knowledge, experience and appropriate tools to handle the issue and restore its optimal functionality in quick time.

“It The Refrigerator Compressor Is Making A Lot Of Noises”

This is another common refrigerator problem which you must have faced if you’ve using an old unit. At most times, most modern-day compressors work silently. But when it starts making noise, it is never a good sign.

As the owner; you need to check first where the noise is coming from. A noisy compressor is often the sign of a bad compressor unit, and when you come across one, look to replace it instantly. The compressor device handles most gas and pressure inside the refrigerator, so the sounds could also be due to bad gas upkeep or high pressure.

“If The Compressor Clicks On & Off”

If the refrigerator compressor starts clicking on and off (or say doesn’t run at all), then you should inspect if there are some relay starting problems. This could also indicate that the compressor got overloaded and that it needs to be checked.

You can try checking it using an amp metre or cleaning or maintaining the dirty relay. But if the issue(s) persist, then you should speak to our fridge repair specialist in West Hoxton having lots of experience in handling all brands of refrigerators.

If you are struggling with either one of these refrigerator issues, then call us @0432 754 596. We are “All Appliance Repairs Australia”- your trusted appliance specialists with 30 years of experience.

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