troubleshooting common gas oven issues
Troubleshooting Common Gas Oven Issues – A Knowledge Base!

Most modern appliances are designed to make lives easier. Take the example of your oven. They are expected to last years before without the need to replace it.

But what happens when your ever-reliable oven starts showing some noticeable issues. ‘All Appliance Repairs Australia’; offering quality and budget-friendly oven repairs in Liverpool presents a drop-down to what you can try to determine those issue and possibly fix it.

Inspecting The Gas Flow:-

Check all burners and the oven to determine if the source of the issue is due to:-

Limited Problem:-

This means checking if the issue is limited to a burner or the oven. You can know this by checking if there is any disruption in the gas line that is causing the burner failure.

Or Element Issue:-

If you find that none of the oven elements work properly inspect the gas supply to see if anything is preventing the gas flow. If the flow is restricted, restore it and then light up the pilots again. It should make it work.

Inspect The Gas Oven:-

After you determine that the gas is flowing, check the other parts of the oven to know if it requires a full-fledged oven repair or not. You should proactively:-

Look For Possible Gas Odours-

Meaning if you get some odour while the burners are turned on. If the odour is still felt even with the burner turned off, then it could have a leak.

For Burner Problems

Check if the pilot assisting the burner is lit. If you find the burner not working despite the pilot being lit, then it could be that the ignition tube is clogged.

If You Suspect That The Oven May Bear An Issue

Check the broiler drawer, cover plates and its flame extender. You can use the instruction manual if you’re doing it for the first time.

Check the ignition system using a flashlight or for a red glowing filament which is noticeable when the oven is not working.

Lastly- Look To Clean, Re-Ignite & Conduct A Test:-

As per the aforementioned findings; your aim should be to clean-relight and perform a test for its efficiency.

For The Burner-

Light up the burner and if you find it doesn’t stay lit, then the pilot tube may need cleaning to provide a clear path for the gas to flow.

For The Oven Pilot-

If you find the pilot aperture cannot hold the flame for more than 10-seconds, then it could have some issues in the thermocouple!

For The Oven Burner-

If you find the oven burner not flaming all around, then there is an issue in the burner itself.

Be sure to use these troubleshooting tips to determine the area of concern for your gas oven. While some issues can be fixed using these hacks, others may need the help of our oven repair experts serving Prestons to sort it out.

Special Note:-

Whenever you handle gas oven appliances, always maintain extreme caution when inspecting or even lighting. The slightest lapse of judgement may result in a mistake that you may never recover from.

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We will be glad to come to your gas oven rescue!

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