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Service & Technical
Coffee Machines Commercial
Machines we regularly maintain and service
We repair and maintain all leading brands of commercial 1, 2 and 3 group coffee. This includes, but is not restricted to Boema, Carimali, Iberital, La Marzocco, San Marino and Wega. Our Technicians also repair most leading brands of coffee vending machines, both coin and non coin operated.

If required, we may also do water filter changes, installations & disposal and general maintenance.

Coffee Machine TYpes

Espresso machines

Automatic Dispensing


Coffee Vending
We offer a pick up and delivery service for your new appliance if required.
                  Commercial coffee machine installations generally involve plumbing the coffee machine to a water line, installing a water filter and making adjustments to the programming levels.We do this as standard.
                  Adjusting the grind of the coffee to suit. Not too coarse and not too fine. We assist with doing all these things, including general maintenance.
Coffee Machine – Commercial:

  • Machine can not be programmed to dispense the correct levels
  • Pump runs continuously
  • Water will not pass through the groups
  • No heat
  • Machine will not maintain temperature
  • Coffee machine trips the circuit breaker
  • No power
  • Pump will not turn
  • Water leak from sight glass
  • Coffee machine will not dispense coffee
  • Escrow / coin acceptance issues
  • Coffee is watery and tasteless
  • No response from control panel
  • Unknown error message displays on screen
We service all leading brands of Coffee Machines, these include